Sequence 24

with Paul Edmund-Davies

I am sorry if you were hoping for a nice, easy flowing tune as the instalment before Christmas. This is a long way off that!

For instruction on just how to tackle Sequence 24, please take a look at my notes for Sequence 20. The two exercises are quite similar.

I very much hope that you have enjoyed the Sequences series and that you have gained something from working on all of the challenges.

Next year, all of these exercises will be put into books, for sale as both a digital and printed version. Once this happens though, Sequences will no longer be FREE! So, if you haven’t yet printed them off, might I suggest that you do so over the festive season. In that way, as loyal supporters of Simply Flute, you will at least save yourselves some money!

I would like to send a personal note of ‘thanks’ to you all for your constructive feedback and for continued support of Simply Flute. It has been and continues to be a colossal amount of work for us, but with your positive comments we are inspired to continue!