with Paul Edmund-Davies

Sequences is the latest free offering from Simply Flute.

We will be posting a free video and sheet music of a sequence. Each one will cover an aspect of flute playing that is useful to focus on.

In our daily practice routines, we have scales and arpeggios, studies and pieces to work on. They all appear to contain very different disciplines. A sequence, not only acts as a form of ‘bridge’ between each of these groups, but also gives us a chance to work on different aspects of technique and in a musical manner. We can focus on our sound, the way in which we use our fingers, our breathing, the shape of a phrase etc. Through playing these sequences in all keys, both flat and sharp, we become increasingly familiar with those keys we love to hate!

As I am getting longer in the tooth, contrary to my youthful expectations, I now appear to have significantly less of my day to devote to practice. Hence, on days when I find myself snowed under with paperwork, a short session on a sequence or two is a highly constructive way of toning everything up and in a fairly economical way.