Simply Flute’s

New Year

New Year’s Resoflûtions

From Simply Flute, another major project also arrived on your personal computer screens on 2nd January 2017. With the catchy title New Year’s Resoflûtions. I know, it’s a really cheesy name, but you are guaranteed not to forget it in a hurry! We have put together a four-week programme of gentle Sonority and Breathing exercises, along with Finger, Articulation and Interval exercises. With the excesses of the Festive Season out of the way, January was the month most people choose to get back into shape, be it physically or on the flute. Naturally, Sunday is a day of rest, so throughout the four-week span, you were be able to access 24 FREE exercises (a new one each day) ,which you still can  download at will. With each exercise there will be a brief video instruction and demonstration to help you on your way. 

Download 28 Day Warm Up Book