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Ernesto Köhler was a 19th century Italian flute virtuoso, who wrote wonderful flute studies. He also possessed an acute awareness of the short comings of both the flute and those who wished to play it!

A good Köhler study (or étude) should not only provide us with specific areas to work on, but should also be musically stimulating. However, at times, there may only be a few bars in a study that present us with ‘problems’. This is a sound idea to work on the issues raised and then to put the relevant bar (or bars) through different keys. Over a period of time, this will provide us with greater control of the instrument and lead to a more rounded technique.

I have edited individual studies from Köhler Opus 33, Book 1. At least one Köhler study will be released every month. Written teaching notes for each study and I composed 4 or 5 exercises related to the ‘areas’ that require our attention. All of this information is ready to download anytime during the month of purchase.

I have also made a performance video of the Köhler study and further videos demonstrating each exercise and giving further information on how to work on the issues raised. You will also have unlimited access to these videos for the duration of the month purchased. The introductory cost for all of the above will be £5.50, which I hope you will agree is almost a bargain!

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