Köhler Study No 11

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Kohler Study op. 33 No. 11 - Exercises

Köhler – Study No. 11

This busy, ‘fun fair’ ride of a study in A minor, is as much about looking forward, as it is about the complexities of playing the flute. With a constant and swiftly moving triplet theme, the performer has to negotiate plunging arpeggios, lengthy passages in the bottom octave and interval leaps with added articulation. Everything……..(Purchase this study to read more)

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This lesson features Paul demonstrating and discussing the difficulties of Study No. 11 and then a further four exercises on developing these areas, and of course you'll be able to download the sheet music and the teaching notes.

Köhler Study No. 11 - Exercise 1

Köhler Study No. 11 - Exercise 1

Köhler Study No. 11 - Exercise 3

Köhler Study No. 11 - Exercise 4