Powell Wood Flute Vs. Powell Silver Flute

We posted this short video from my visit to the Dolce Musical Instruments shop in Tokyo, Japan on the Simply Flute Face Book page just 2 days ago. It appears to have been creating a little bit of a stir (it has reached more than 6,000 people to date and is being liberally shared!). So far, of those who have commented, most have decisively gone for the wood option. Some have said that they like wood for earlier music and silver (or gold) for more late Romantic and Impressionist period music. Does this seem to indicate that there is a ‘soul’ in a finely made wooden flute (such as the beautiful Powell I play in the video) that may be difficult to find on an instrument made of metal? I LOVE wood, silver and gold, but a modern wooden flute still isn’t in my collection. With the results gathered so far, it looks as though I might have to do something about this! What I thought was just a bit of innocent fun, looks like turning into an expensive exercise!! Your thoughts and preferences greatly appreciated!