R. Galli – Fiori Melodici No. 2, from Verdi’s La Traviata


With its famous aria melodies and tingling and vibrant allegro sections, there is so much for us to both enjoy and work on in this delightful piece.

For utmost expression and nuance, articulation will need to be light, agile and nimble, whereas slow sweeping melodies provide ample opportunity to explore sound and dynamics. The allegro sections will most definitely get us to focus on better finger and tongue co-ordination, in particular during the electrifying two and a half page ‘stampede’ towards the end of the work.

Although time consuming to put together, it has been a thoroughly enjoyable journey!

On the website, subscribers can find a complete performance played by myself on two different flutes, download files for both the parts and the score and two play along versions, where you will be able to select which flute part you wish to play and play along to my recording of the other part.

I very much hope that Fiori Melodici, will be satisfyingly challenging and highly rewarding for you too!

N.B. Subscribers to www.simplyflute.com get this sheet music for free along with a 1st flute and 2nd flute play-along with Paul Edmund-Davies. You can find a preview here: https://www.simplyflute.com/flute/galli-duet/free/



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