Daily Exercises Vol. 1


For many of us, the luxury of vast amounts of time in which to practise is rarely available. We are all just too busy to be able to set aside endless hours towards finely honing our flute skills.

It therefore makes sense that when we do manage to wrestle the flute out of its box for a session in front of a music stand, we cover as much ground and in as profitable a way in the time allocated as possible.

Daily Exercises, Vol. 1 has been put together to do exactly this. By covering the Four Pillars of technique (Breathing & Phrasing, Finger Work, Articulation and Intervals) on a regular, disciplined basis, not only are we guaranteed to maintain our technical facilities, but over time, noticeable improvements should likewise take place.

Each exercise comes with detailed text on the topic under scrutiny and appears in all keys.

Whilst freedom of time in which to practise will always be welcome, Daily Exercises, Vol. 1 provides a viable and highly constructive alternative for those more time pressurised moments.