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In order to build up strength and stamina, focusing on one technical discipline on the flute for an extended practice session, should bring positive results. Through playing continuously for lengthier periods of time, muscles involved will be ‘toned up’ to become strong enough to meet flute specific demands. Too often at the first signs of tiredness or fatigue, there can be a tendency to stop and relax, thus lessening the physical benefits. To become athletes of the flute and to realise absolute control we need to be constantly stretching ourselves that little bit further. Using a combination of unison and duet (it’s your choice as to which of the two flute parts you play) exercises, be it in any of the Four Pillars of technique that you are working on, the ‘Practice Along With Paul’ pages are designed specifically with this in mind. Over a period of time, build up your strength and stamina, with the final goal of playing each and every PAWP from start to finish, without stopping for coffee and snacks!