This page of Intermediate exercises, collated from different sections of Simply Flute, is designed to assist those players of any age, who have a good working knowledge of the flute and are comfortably on their way to establishing greater control of the instrument. Covering the four key areas of essential everyday work (Breathing and Phrasing, Finger work, Articulation and Intervals), instant help in finding solutions to technical issues is available on this page (all with video instruction and download sheet music). Apart from greater technical skills than players of an elementary level, intermediate students, as a result of increased confidence, will also have developed a higher level of enthusiasm. As such, initially there is increased danger that technical exercises will be played too fast, will not be absorbed properly and progress will therefore be slower. It is worth remembering, the more demanding the exercise, the greater the consideration should be in approach.


Four Pillars


Köhler Study Exercises

Resoflûtions 1 & 2