When it comes to the daily task of warming up, focus and concentration are two fundamental elements of the process that many of us struggle with. By definition, a warm up exercise needs to not be overcomplicated, allowing us that crucial extra space with which to gradually tone everything up, exploring and refining detail as we progress. However, invariably the components involved in this almost ritual process can be so simple and repetitive that our minds will inevitably wander, thus diluting much of the benefit to be gained. In this series of Progressive Warm Ups, whilst the concept is that themes are initially basic and of a simple nature, with a series of variations on the initial melody, demands on ability are steadily increased.As a result, with every new idea,we are stretched that extra little bit further.As we are increasingly challenged throughout each additional turn of the exercise, there can be little opportunity for our minds to wander. Passing through all keys and working on one key at a time, or continuously from start to finish through all, the exercise provides more than adequate material for warming up lungs, lips, fingers, tongue and perhaps most important of all, the brain.

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