Coffee Noodle 6

Gentle Warm-ups To Start The Day, Coffee Noodle 6.

In Coffee Noodle 6 (13 pages long and covering all keys), I have broken scales in thirds into smaller segments to give ourselves a chance to focus on the more finger difficult and awkward areas. I have also made life just that little bit more uncomfortable, by changing direction mid bar! This should help anyone suffering from ‘automatic pilot syndrome’ to concentrate more easily when practicing this particular technical exercise!

As always, start slowly to encourage your fingers to move correctly. Once muscle memory has been established, then that is the moment to steadily quicken the tempo. 

If possible, it will be useful to play this exercise with the long fingering for either B flat or A sharp. Of course, in performance, it is always better to use the thumb B flat key as and when appropriate, but as a discipline to establish greater independence in the fingers, practice sessions using the more complicated long B flat fingering, can only lead to greater security and co-ordination in the heat of battle of a performance or recording.