Coffee Noodle 4

Gentle Warm-ups To Start The Day, Coffee Noodle 4.

Coffee Noodle 4 is once again long and as such has taken more time than expected to put together.

Along with many other exercises that I have inflicted on others, I have been enjoying working on CN 4. It is fiddly for the fingers, but also a useful way to gradually increase independence in all fingers. This can only be established over a period of time, but in the long term, it is well worth the effort.

Ideally, the sequence/exercise in each key should be learnt from memory and then the whole Noodle (in all keys) played in the same way.

Each Simply Flute Coffee Noodle, being something between an exercise and a short study is on the long side. As mentioned, the full versions of all 7 of these Noodles, will only be available to our subscribers to download and print off. 

We will be posting the music ‘teaser taster’ download of  Noodle 4 in C major and A minor, for the general flute public.

You will find a practice/instruction video and a performance in C major and A minor by myself, giving you some ideas as to how to approach and work on Coffee Noodle 4. As always, start slowly and give yourself sufficient time to allow the relevant information to gradually sink in!