Coffee Noodle 3

Gentle Warm-ups To Start The Day, Coffee Noodle 3, might also just be what you need to get back into tip top flute form.

As the name implies, Coffee Noodle 3 is here to gradually and musically nurse and coax (gentle and persistent persuasion!) our way back into good air, lip and finger control. 

To be played slowly to start with, so that note patterns can be both understood and memorised, Coffee Noodle 3 (written exclusively for Simply Flute subscribers) covers all major and minor keys and at 17 pages long, makes a truly ‘epic’ warm up to start your day.

For the first three lines in each key, apart from playing evenly and with consummate legato, there is nothing too life threatening to grapple with in Coffee Noodle 3. It is the musical equivalent of cycling along a rather pretty British country lane on a hot summer day, with little to care or worry about! 

However, if the whole exercise was in this mould, then your mind might ever so slightly wander off-track or switch off, which would be a shame and not that far from a tragedy. Therefore, in the 4th and 5th staves of each key, some thunder clouds appear and I have given you four bars of brain and finger challenges!

Shifting up or down a half step (semitone) every beat will initially feel like crashing the gears in a manual (stick shift) car and in very much the same way, blind panic and disaster may well follow!

All that is happening is that the same four notes are shifting up and down, so all you have to do is to think about which key each beat is going to next. In both major and minor keys it is simply the first three notes of each key, starting on the tonic and returning to the tonic again on the 4th note. Voila!

As mentioned above, play Coffee Noodle 3 slowly and in keys that you like, to start with. Try to avoid going quickly through the first three lines and then hitting the barriers in the 4th.

Ideally, the sequence/exercise in each key should be learnt from memory and then the whole Noodle (in all keys) played in the same way.