Coffee Noodle 2

This is another exercise to warm up with.


Coffee Noodle 2 focuses on both regular scales and scales in thirds and is designed to keep the fingers nimble and agile, with the body constantly involved in a supporting, rather than counter-productive role.

The idea behind all of these exercises is to have something that will warm up those key areas (lips, breathing, tongue, fingers, stamina and brain) whilst at the same time being comparatively simple and hopefully enjoyable to play.

Coffee Noodle 2 from start to finish is just over 14 pages long and is a gentle way to break yourself into a practice session. It covers all relevant keys and many of the examples can also be practised either an octave above or an octave below.

Ideally, we should start at the beginning and not stop (for that elusive cup of coffee!) until we have reached the end. So much of what is required of us on the flute requires stamina and control and this can only be achieved if we treat some of our time with the instrument as musical sessions at the gym!

With scales, studies and exercises in general, there aren’t often that many instructions as to dynamics and shape. Of course, music is all about shape and contrast (what I often refer to as the hills and valleys of a phrase), so it is important at all times to be involved in playing with expression. 

To encourage this, I have provided ‘guide’ dynamics, the major keys being more full blooded than their deeply introvert and melancholic minor siblings! My dynamics are mere suggestions and I would encourage you to create your own ‘dynamics map’ for both major and minor keys. 

It is essential to do something with these musical postcards, caught half way between an exercise and a study and my markings are a start on this, to hopefully encourage you to feel engaged with the content! In this way, it is important to know where you are going in the exercises, before you get there.