Coffee Noodles

Simply Flute Coffee Noodles are designed to give you
something new to start your flute day with.
We all know that first off we should make sure that we are ‘toned up’ to meet the challenges and demands of the instrument and the session of practice ahead, but there is always the possibility that we end up playing the same material, day in day out, which in turn takes us closer to functioning on automatic pilot and with a total lack of engagement! When this happens, alarm bells should be ringing and very loudly!

So, the idea behind these exercises is to have something that will warm up those key areas (lips, breathing, tongue, fingers, stamina and brain) whilst at the same time being comparatively simple and hopefully enjoyable to play.

Then, to really get ourselves into peak condition, Simply Flute Coffee Noodles swing through all the major and minor keys, so that we can explore different sounds and play with a variety of expression too.

Because each Noodle is not that short, this will take a while. What I suggest you try if you don’t have so much time, is to select one or two in their entirety and try to make them as smooth, even and as shapely as possible. Everyone knows that G flat major and E flat minor are keys to brush under the carpet in the hope that they might go unnoticed, but if you can regularly work on these ‘monsters’, they might even one day become your friends!

On the other hand, if you have time to kill, playing all the way through a Simply Flute Coffee Noodle, will most definitely provide a more ‘boot camp’ start to your day!

Always start these exercises slowly, so as to not ‘bully’ the fingers and as recognition and muscle memory grow, you can then gradually notch up the tempo.

Paul Edmund-Davies