Life really can be a beach!

Whilst there are no new products finding their way onto this week, rest assured that there is much going on behind the scenes, in preparation for a new, highly dynamic section of the website, which we hope to introduce over the coming weeks. For the time being, I won’t even attempt to tease you further!

No such thing as a free lunch?

On 25th May, 1981, almost thirty years ago, the GCC or Gulf Cooperation Council for the Arab States of the Gulf was formed, with the primary aim of establishing greater unity among its members. This new foundation was based upon common objectives, political beliefs and cultural identities, originally rooted in and developed from Arab and Islamic cultures.

The Luxury of Ignorance

In many ways, my arrival in the world of symphonic flute playing happened quite late on. Having very much been the loner throughout my school days (I thankfully discovered that I had an allergy to all forms of sport, so was never in consideration to be included in rugby, swimming or cricket teams), the idea of making music from within a large group of people, seemed equally at odds


Whilst many people of a certain age in the United Kingdom will recall this name, most and in particular those, either young or from further afield, would have little inkling as to who Valerie Pitts was. However, if referred to by the name acquired through her second marriage, for those with even the remotest interest as to who is who in the world of classical music,

Lost in Space!

At any time and on any day of the year, outside the studio building and slightly further up the road, you will find groups of Beatles fans congregating to have their photographs taken, as they walk across the most famous pedestrian crossing in the world. On one occasion I witnessed four young Japanese men, arriving in a limousine, sporting appropriate length wigs,

Questions best not to ask!

There are many things that we take for granted in life. Perhaps a key factor of this, is that from one day to the next, our lives are so varied and busy, there is little if any time available in which to pause, take stock and consider what it is we are doing on the planet and why. For numerous reasons, this is the way it has to be. In a scenario where everyone was engaged solely in thinking,