Chapter 5: Reasons to Embrace Winter, Part 2: Cashmere

The rot set in at an early age, I am afraid. I come from a loving family, but my father was a Church of England clergyman, so our existence veered towards the lean, rather than luxurious side.We lived comfortably enough, but it was clear that my mother kept a tight control of the purse strings. Prior to marrying my father, she was a highly respected pharmacist. Once my brother and I came along though…

Chapter 5: Reasons to Embrace Winter, Part 1: Candles

For five thousand years and more, the humble and silent candle has been a constant bringer of light and joy, be it for illuminating our homes at night, or giving us vision outdoors on dark evenings. Its gently dancing flames have been a daily and abiding source of calm, comfort and security. Cathedrals and churches worldwide and of all denominations would lose

Chapter 3: A Perfect Moment For Restoration, Rejuvenation and Rejoicing?

Musical fashions come and go, for a wide range of reasons. Styles change and we never really question why. It is time for something different and refreshing, so out with the old and in with the exciting and captivating new! Historically, this has been the case in Classical music, but increasingly it is becoming…

Chapter 2: Wh’Air does it go?

This chapter came about as a result of a posting that I recently made on ‘Etude of the Week’ on Facebook, where the whole subject of playing a true legato, with reference to both scales and intervals was raised. The studies in question were Köhler Opus 33, Book 1, Nos. 1-3. Thinking that this would be quite an easy task, multiple pages later, I have realised that I have entered a veritable rabbit warren with many tunnels yet to be charted…

Chapter 1: A rather alarming start to the day

As a self-employed musician, taking charge of the layout of a day is not only important, it is crucial, if progress in such relevant areas as practice, administration and forward planning is to be achieved. When precise intentions are not realised, in particular on days when no external activities or obligations are there to soak up the waking hours..