Chromatic Cascades & Ascents

Chromatic Cascades & Ascents Chromatic Cascades & AscentsWe are all rather too easily lured into a false sense of security, as far as playing chromatic passages, or scales is concerned. Diligently executing them, by rising an octave or two and then returning to the...

Finger Work 12

Working on scales should be an essential part of our daily practice.Too often though, possibly due to over familiarity, focus is not as acute as it could be, with little thought as to exactly what it is we are trying to achieve. Our minds blissfully wander as we go through the motions.As such a degree of co-ordination can be established,but strength in each and every finger,leading to greater control and independence, cannot take place. In this exercise, by creating a step shift in every other beat, concentration and focus will need to be paramount (in particular in minor keys).

Finger Exercise

Whilst this can be an excellent exercise for promoting more precise and swifter finger co-ordination, the highly repetitive nature of every bar raises major concerns. In our enthusiasm, we should be super careful not to physically overcook proceedings,

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