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Travels With My Two Flutes

One a musical instrument, the other, a glass of champagne

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Select your skill level to start working on suitable exercises in all four technical categories.

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Practice Along With Paul

Covering the ‘Four Pillars of Technique’, in each PAWP session, chosen topics will be worked on, the continuous practice times ranging from 15 minutes to one hour in length. We will play the exercises together, providing you with the opportunity of listening and of practicing in a methodical and uninterrupted way. We won’t be stopping for coffee breaks…ever! These are ‘workouts’. From time to time and when appropriate, there will be the chance to play duets with me at the end of a section, where that other essential area of our music making, harmony, can also be explored, worked on and in turn nourished.

Köhler Etudes Op. 33, Book 1

An in-depth look at these beautiful and progressive 19th Century studies. Four methodical exercises accompany each study, to address and facilitate the problems encountered within.


Rabboni Sonatas, Book 2

Develop your tone and technique, with emphasis on tidy fingers and clean articulation, by exploring these delightful 19th Century Italian postcards. Multi-speed play-along included.


Gallay Studies

The delightful and effective pieces to be found in Gallay Studies, Opus 13, once transcribed, can be just as relevant to flute players as they are to horn players. By exploring repertoire originally intended for other instruments, our core repertoire is expanded and we are exposed to different styles and approaches. The purpose of any good book of studies surely is to help us on our journey with our respective instrument.


Explore technical issues, alongside sound and more by playing along with Paul in this selection of duets for two flutes.

Coffee Noodles

Gentle warm-ups to ease you into your practice session.
Great exercises for fingers, lips, tongue and brains.
In all keys.


24 exercises to improve ability and agility in sound,
fingers, articulation and intervals.



A four week intense bootcamp to get all aspects
of your playing back into top condition.


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