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Thanks for writing about warm up in thirds— I’m going to use it! 

And please keep sending your posts as you find time to get even a short one done. I always look forward to them.

The videos are wonderful, the duets fun, and there is so much material! I may never get past the elementary stage, but it will still be satisfying. Thank you for your wonderful website


All I can say is that your energy and enthusiasm are staggering!
They can’t fail to inspire us.
Thank you and Pasha so so much for all this hard work.

There is so much on the website to focus on. I especially appreciate the ability to print material to use when I don’t have access to the internet. You are the expert- I am the forever student. Thank you!


I enjoy the variety of learning that you offer. I can work on specific things all within your wide variety of “lessons” … it’s sometimes hard to choose from so much material. Thank you for making it so accessible to us all!


I enjoy hearing about Paul’s approach to playing beautifully, especially with regard to utilizing practice sessions well. I appreciate his attention to detail and enjoy his enthusiasm and love for making a wonderful sound on the flute.