A Study of Studies

A complete guide for flute players of all levels
from Paul Edmund-Davies

Our latest addition to the Simply Flute Study Programme is the FREE edition of Doll’s Waltz, by Köhler. It is the perfect introduction to the Simply Flute, Köhler Study Programme and will give you a very good idea as to what the Programme is all about. You will be able to access all of the video lessons and exercises along with the sheet music and teaching notes completely FREE! 

Free Study
Rabboni Sonatas
SF Study Programme - Comming soon

The price point for these lessons is perfect. That amateurs worldwide can receive instruction from a musician of your calibre for such a small sum represents such a tremendous value for money. These are the best flute lesson I've ever had.


Your program is exactly what I have been looking for; a personalised approach that I see will be beneficial & complementary with the work I just started with my new Flute instructor here in Paris.


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